Assault Map Preview

I am Jeff Kaplan from the Overwatch team. Here’s what’s in the pipeline for Overwatch this year:

We’re in the late stages of developing an assault map! We haven’t got any good maps set in this location, so the team decided to make a map set in Egypt. It is quite linear with many choke points and also it has some new working elevators.

If you want an exclusive preview, it’s rendered in 3D-model and available for you to check it out!

The team is happy with the abilities for some of our prototype heroes and you should expect a few to come out over the next year. The next hero to come out will be Eagleboot. It is going to be a defense/support hybrid hero. Some of its abilities are kind of similar to Soldier: 76. We tried something unique by adding an ability called freewater. We think it’s a great ability because it allows this hero to debuff every ally. We think that this hero will be very useful for nothing.

We’ve also got some new origin stories coming soon.

Good luck with your lootboxes 😉