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"I think this is one of the government's worst weeks for the year," says Barry Cassidy.
Loss of Libido - YOUR questions answered!

Loss of sex drive is something a lot of us struggle with, here I am talking to the doctors from True about this.
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Better Reading
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Looking for a last minute gift this Christmas? Maybe even a book to read on your holiday break? Fans of fiction, comedy, food and wine, biographies, healthy living, and romance, will love these December new releases.
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Do you like to give the gift of food? The Traditional White Christmas is a favourite! So easy, and looks great wrapped in cellophane with a bright red ribbon. Get this and more food gift ideas in our new Christmas Foodbook. Download your copy here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
VIDEO - (NOTE after 2:10 minutes this video is in English)
HALAL CERTIFICATION FIASCO - Imam speaks against the scam!
Nothing NEEDS to be certified halal - it is very clear in the Qur'an that judgement about food is by individuals before God... plus a prayer before a Muslim eats.
Nowhere in the Qur'an does it call for Halal Authorities to issue certificates for a payment
Nowhere in the...
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Halal Certification Fiasco

But what we are here to talk about is the presence of such an industry, for it clearly runs counter to a number of essential governing principles of the Deen...

Music Feeds
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Patrick James talks taking his music in a new direction, backstage at Festival Of The Sun
Music Feeds
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L-FRESH The LION talks inspiration, identity & the unifying power of music. #fotsun2016
Music Feeds
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Shoe-less backstage hangs with Urthboy at Festival Of The Sun, chatting about why now's the time for more angry music
Teach Starter
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Enjoy your holidays over Christmas, we have done your planning >>> [ Teachstart.co Link ].
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Remember this swell? Pumping Goldie
Video: Grant Davis
Essential Kids
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The definition of cruising, featuring Alex Smith.

Via: Stab Magazine
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Essential Baby
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She actually doesn't look that uncomfortable!