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Salut, Bonjour
yesterday at 01:55. Facebook
On en rêve tous non? On se voit demain pour la Grande Guignolée des médias !
You can't eat Thanksgiving dinner without one of these!
We have a special Thanksgiving episode tonight at 10pm!
On vous laisse avec cette petite merveilleux! Rendez-vous demain, 6h00!
Outil idéal pour le camp!
An unlikely squad united to defend the world. #TogetherWeAreMore. Power Rangers Movie - Coming March 24, 2017.
Happy fry-day! #HowItsMade
Oh miam! On prend des notes pour le week-end. Faites le plein de recettes grâce à La Relève!
Happy National Chocolate Day!
Making chocolate drops #HowItsMade
They must work together to fight for tomorrow - #PowerRangersMovie coming March 2017.
It's National Chocolate Cupcake Day... aka the best day of the year!
Happy #NationalPastaDay!
Juggling crime and audition times. Vroooom. [ Giphy.com Link ]
The opening scene of Anne of Green Gables has become iconic. What is your favourite scene from the film?

For all things Anne of Green Gables visit the site:[ Bit.ly Link ]
10/06/2016. Facebook
TFW you're so happy that it annoys everyone around you
What could be worse than Principal Dwight? Zombie Principal Dwight. #MiddleSchool: The Worst Years of My Life hits theatres October 7.
09/21/2016. Facebook
Happy Wednesday! Learn how to make your cat happy with Cole & Marmalade [ Youtu.be Link ]
09/21/2016. Facebook
Bridget Jones is becoming a Mom and she’s going to need all the advice she can get!

What motherly advice would you share with Bridget Jones? Tell us for the chance to win some Bridget Jones's Baby swag! #FanScreen #BridgetJonesBaby