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Khaleej Buzz 2
today at 13:38. Facebook
Zoo World
1 hours 13 minutes ago. Facebook
Hey Zookeepers!

Did you know? Gorillas live in groups called troops. Troops tend to be made of one adult male or silverback, multiple adult females and their offspring. However, multiple-male troops also exist.

Gorillas are considered highly intelligent. A few individuals in captivity, such as Koko, have been taught a subset of sign language. Like the other great apes, gorillas can laugh,...
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Khaleej Buzz 3
today at 13:39. Facebook
طريقة رائعة
3 hours 21 minutes ago. Facebook
(By Cabras Espartanas)
Mis Curiosidades
2 hours 15 minutes ago. Facebook
Fiesta, mucha fiesta...
54 minutes ago. Facebook
No one is tougher than the Italian Stallion! #Rocky
#FlashbackFriday to when everyone was suspicious of Caleb. ????

21 of 150 // Season 1, Episode 21. #PLLMemoryLane
90s Vs Today ????
today at 09:44. Facebook
فى الزاوية التى يسكن فيها الشيطان
Billions in Change
4 hours 35 minutes ago. Facebook
It's ‪#‎FAQFriday‬! What questions do you have about Billions in Change? Tell us what you want to know, and be sure to tag it #FAQFriday. We'll select a few of your questions to answer over the next few days.
today at 12:00. Facebook
Stuck for inspiration on getting the best out of your colleagues? The @CIPD employee outlook survey might spark some ideas: #valuingtalent [ Goo.gl Link ]
4 hours 41 minutes ago. Facebook
The Morning After: Friday December 9, 2016
[ Engt.co Link ]
World of Tanks
today at 10:03. Facebook
I was very lucky that the next present on my way was was ISU-122S, as I was attacked by an Ice Golem. Fortunately my tank's huge DPM was enough to destroy it before it could get me. [ Ow.ly Link ]
4 hours 15 minutes ago. Facebook
ههههه :P
today at 11:00. Facebook
ههههه... الحمام بالشتوية :D
Sr Gato
today at 14:11. Facebook
Gran actor :3
Celeb Funny Videos
3 hours 47 minutes ago. Facebook
Manga Fox
today at 13:00. Facebook