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The Eye-Glazing 30% brighter display in the all new XOLO Era 2 @ Rs4,499. Buy Now only on Snapdeal: [ Bit.ly Link ]

XOLO Era 2 - Buy Now!

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Mr. Rana Kapoor, MD & CEO, YES BANK believes that the Indian economy is witnessing a phase characterized by #DICE (design-, innovation- and creativity-led entrepreneurship), against the backdrop of supportive government policies and favourable demographics.
In the fifth edition the YES BANK #TransformationSeries, we partnered with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India...
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India’s brightest minds charting the nation’s renewable energy roadmap

State Bank of India
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In a chat with MumbaiMirror.com , Smt. Arundhati Bhattacharya says that SBI is ready for salary week. Read more here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

'SBI is prepared for salary week' - Mumbai Mirror -

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Because December is here and that means it's party time! #jewellery #partyseason

8 Jewellery Pieces To Take Your New Year’s Eve Look To The Next Level

HDFC Home Loans
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Planning to prepay your home loan? Consider these factors before you actually, decide to prepay the home loan? [ Goo.gl Link ]

Prepaying Home Loan? Think Again

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Many are travelling this season, are you one of them?

If yes, read on to find out how to make the most of your vacation without spending an extra rupee.

Travel Hacks That No One Told You About

Angel Broking
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The Stock market has multiple benefits for its investors. Know these benefits to understand the stock market better.

Benefits Of Stock Investment, Stock Investing Benefits – Angel Broking

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Traveling ke tempat baru untuk pertama kalinya memang punya kesan tersendiri. Nah, berdasarkan pengalaman banyak orang, ada 10 hal yang biasanya 'wajib' dilakukan ketika pertama kali ke Bali. Hayoo ngaku, kamu sendiri pernah melakukan berapa hal, nih? [ Pegi.pe Link ]

10 Hal yang Biasanya Dilakukan Traveler Ketika Pertama Kali ke Bali!

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Berencana traveling ke Jepang? Ada baiknya kamu mempelajari cara menggunakan sumpit, deh travelers! Ternyata, ada 10 hal yang tabu dilakukan bagi orang Jepang saat kamu memakai sumpit. Mau tahu apa saja? Cari tahu di [ Pegi.pe Link ]

10 Gerakan Tabu saat Memakai Sumpit

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Buat kamu penggila traveling, ada diskon gede-gedean dari travelers Asoka Remadja. Nikmati diskon hotel 10%, tiket pesawat Rp 20 ribu, dan tiket kereta api Rp 5 ribu sampai 31 Desember 2016! Tapi, periode perjalanan dan menginap bisa dilakukan kapan aja. Buruan cari tahu caranya di [ Pegi.pe Link ]

Traveler Asoka Remadja Bagi-bagi Diskon Hotel Sampai Rp 200 Ribu!

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Buat kamu yang suka banget dengan lagu DIA, kini penyanyinya, ANJI bagi-bagi diskon traveling, nih! Dapatkan diskon tiket kereta api Rp 5 ribu, diskon tiket pesawat Rp 20 ribu, dan diskon hotel 10% yang bisa dipakai berulang kali sampai 31 Januari 2017! Buruan cari tau caranya di [ Pegi.pe Link ]

Anji Bagi-bagi Diskon Hotel Sampai Rp 200 Ribu!

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Berenang memang kegiatan yang seru dan bisa mengusir stres. Tapi di balik itu ada bahaya yang mengintai dari kaporit lho, travelers! Yuk, cari tahu lebih lanjut di [ Pegi.pe Link ] termasuk cara mengatasinya.

Mengenal Bahaya Kaporit di Kolam Renang dan Cara Mengatasinya

Godrej Expert
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Which one of these hairstyles is your favourite?

Read Here To Know More

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All that glitters - The big fat Indian #wedding

Indian wedding jewelry - What’s trending now

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Shape your real homes into the one you have on FINAL FANTASY XIV kupo!

Final Fantasy XIV Housing Item Is Back! Moogle Letter Box & Spriggan Glowing Piggy Bank!

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The Four Goddesses Team up with their Goddess Forms? Goddess overload imminent in Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune!!

Goddesses and Demons Make Their Presence Felt! New Details on Four Goddesses Online!

Diana Gale shares the life-changing impact of implementing Gem Therapy with Jyotish Gemstones and Astrology. Get to the next level in your life with Gemstoneuniverse..Hear other verified people share their story at: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Do Astrology Gems Work or no Gemstoneuniverse Patron Shares

Which states in #India are struggling with low per capita incomes, poor human development outcomes and the persistence of poverty among tribal populations?
Take a guess and leave a comment. Alternately, you could find the answers by clicking the link below ↓
[ Wrld.bg Link ]

India States Briefs

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Hello Readers, Modern times are not just about technology or availability of gadgets, the negative issues like burglary, theft and housebreaks have also increased manifold. Of course technology is a boon to all of us and helps in....

Is your home safe? - Renomania