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Lucky Lucy Foundation
3 hours 44 minutes ago. Facebook
We want to introduce you to our very special boy Polo who has been diagnosed with advanced chronic renal failure after he lost quite a bit of his body weight. Not everyone is familiar with the symptoms of renal failure and in most instances we do not know what to do.

Chronic kidney failure is a progressive syndrome and ultimately is fatal in most cases. With the exception of a kidney...
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Lucky Lucy Foundation
3 hours 48 minutes ago. Facebook
The writing is on the wall! Brownie is the best of them all.
Brownie, a real gentleman, has been waiting more than 4 years for his forever home. If you believe in signs, then this one is for you!

Please mail adoption@luckylucy.org to make Brownie come back to life.
Oxbridge Academy
2 hours 12 minutes ago. Facebook
What is the Difference between a Computer Engineer and an Electrical Engineer? [ Bit.ly Link ]

What is the Difference between a Computer Engineer and an Electrical Engineer?

#Obi likes to explore his surroundings and to find the perfect places to relax in between his studies. Why not share some of your favourite places, and tag us?
InnoVenton at NMMU is making some postgraduate study opportunities available to qualifying postgrads. The projects that can be considered for 2017 are as follows:

Cultivation theme project suggestions:
Project 1 – Investigating methods suitable for harvesting microalgae biomass and recycling resultant culture medium (PhD)

Project 2 – Could microalgae facilitate the removal of organics...
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WWF South Africa
2 hours 1 minutes ago. Facebook
This #WisdomWednesday, we’ve made green shopping easy. Just follow our handy guide.
Rosebank College
1 hours 31 minutes ago. Facebook
Have you entered the competition yet?
No? What are you waiting for?

Click on this link [ Bit.ly Link ] to enter the competition on the website OR you can enter the competition on campus :).

Good luck!
SunPower were our saviours in Cape Town, offering their warehouse as the safe haven for nearly 5000 cartons filled with your lovingly donated Shoeboxes en route to the children. Show them some SSB L <3 VE!
Stellenbosch University
2 hours 34 minutes ago. Facebook
Tag yourself, download and share your photobooth photos #SUgrad
#Bsafe #EmotionalSafety You deserve to be kind to yourself.
Please be vigilant of our country's wildlife on the roads during the festive season. LET THEM ARRIVE ALIVE.
Please be vigilant of our country's wildlife on the roads during the festive season. LET THEM ARRIVE ALIVE.
Screenshots placed on Facebook depicting presenter Piet Croucamp of Kyknet’s Megaboer medicating a severely injured sheep led to the NSPCA uncovering a situation of grave concern and seriousness. There was an outcry regarding the severity of the injury to the sheep and the inappropriate handling of the matter by lay persons. A Senior Inspector,...
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Waste Into Worth
2 hours 32 minutes ago. Facebook
Zodwa is a transporter from Witbank who is proof that women can be business leaders in industries that are seen to be dominated by men.

Making waste management possible through transport and logistics networks

"After much suffering and tiredness, my dream has finally come true. My life has gone from living in a "jungle" to living in a house with a real bed."

Mahmoud, a 26-year-old from Syria, fled Manbij in Aleppo province two years ago and in April 2016 he finally managed to get across to England in the back of a lorry. He shares his story below.
Varsity College
3 hours 31 minutes ago. Facebook
In case you were wondering, registration for 2017 is open. See you soon!
3 hours 0 minutes ago. Facebook
Last week we shared Part 1 of our article on what it takes to build an engaging online course.
Read Part 2 this week and learn about the creative problem solving our Learning Design Team practice.

Creating the world of a course ( Part 2)

University of Cape Town
2 hours 32 minutes ago. Facebook
NOTICE: Please note the revised date, time and venue for the meeting to discuss kick-starting a process of engagement around fee-free higher education:

Date: 7 December
Time: 16:15 - 18:00
Venue: Teaching Studio 2A, Snape Building

Read the DVC Desk: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Date and venue correction: Invitation to discussion on principle and implementation possibilities of fee-free higher education