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*Drops Mic*
Watch Con Air TONIGHT 8P on IFC.
SiriusXM The Highway
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Are you a victim of #scrollfinger? Where you start aimlessly scrolling through social media on your phone and don't even know why or what you're looking at....Us too! - Storme & Ashley
SiriusXM The Highway
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How are you taking your Friday back?! Comment below and let us know. #TGIF
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Bottom’s up.
(Cowboy Bebop)
Cat Fancy
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"Pouncing through the snow..."
Cat Fancy
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To a mind that is still the whole universe surrenders.

-- Lao Tzu
Genius meme
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Let this #morning coffee bring sparkle in your friend's eyes and smile on their face with [ 123greetings.com Link ]

#GoodMorning #HaveaGreatDay
Reciprocate someone's wishes this holiday season with [ 123greetings.com Link ]

#ThankYou #HolidayThanks
Catching Fire
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Throwback to when Teri Hatcher was a Bond girl! [ Bit.ly Link ] #TomorrowNeverDies #TBT #BondGirl
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Is this you at the end of a long day? [ Bit.ly Link ] #GeorgeMichaelBluth #MichaelCera #ArrestedDevelopment
Project Runway
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Time to get weird in Austin, Texas!

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