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Watch to learn why our Back Smoothing Bra and Comfort Devotion Push-Up Bra are celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger’s must-haves for the season! [ Expi.co Link ] #MaidenformShineOn
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CLICK here to get my FREE diet to lose weight in just 5 days -- [ Free5DayDiet.com Link ]

Today with Camilo Box doing this Fat Burning Agility Ladder Drills!

REPEAT each exercise for 30 seconds
REST for 30 seconds
REPEAT the series 4 times. TOTAL 8 MINUTES!

Are you ready to lose weight for next weekend?

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Sierra Trading Post
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Looking for a way to dry your winter boots after a day in the snow? We have a few suggestions.
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Are you suffering from FOBO (Fear of Better Options) this holiday season?
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Learn how to make VELVEETA® Quick Chicken Pot Pie Minis in this video![ Kraft.us Link ]

For more VELVEETA recipes:[ Kraft.us Link ]
I made a new full workout for you! Short intro clip here, full video HERE: [ Nataliejillfitness.com Link ]
Falken Tire
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Flashback to when our friends from Magnuson Superchargers were in Bowling Geeen Kentucky for Holley LS Fest and making passes down the 1/4 at Beech Bend Raceway Park.

#LSFest #LSFest2016 #BowlingGreen #BeechBend #Magnuson #Camaro #Supercharged #Flashback #FlashbackFriday #FridayFlashback #Falkenspotting
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For anyone who has ever dreamed of joining the Tanner/Gibbler clan... fullerhousecard.netflix.com
Barnes & Noble
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A live look at the festivities from our #MagicalHolidayBall, live from Barnes & Noble in Union Square, New York City! #BNHP / #BNGiftGoals
Jerry Banfield
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As my throat starts feeling sore this morning, listen to how I think about the benefits of getting sick and look at the fear that comes up of experiencing the illness. I hope hearing my thoughts as I potentially am about to come down with a cold will be helpful for you next time you are feeling the same way. Hear how I find it unnecessary to take any additional supplements because my daily...
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Explore our favorite movies of the year.
These are the films that stood out above the rest.
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Sour drop snow cone? Or Sour drop snow ball? Answer: Both.
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River Tiber is LIVE! Tell us what you’re looking forward to hearing most!
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Enter the mind of River Tiber. We're chatting with him live from Brooklyn rn
SuperEnduro rookie Pascal Rauchenecker is charged up for the start of the FIM SuperEnduro World Champtionship!
Tyler Nicholson slaying through backcountry in his Shredbots edit!
check out the full chip at [ Shredbots.com Link ]
#RockstarEnergy #Snow
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