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Guess who nearly played the lead roles in 1996's 'Jerry Maguire'? Since this leading man wasn't available to film, this actress got the boot because she looked too much like Tom Cruise! —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
This is HEARTBREAKING. ‘The Biggest Loser’ winner Ali Vincent tearfully reveals she’s gained back the weight. You won't believe what she looks like now —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
GUYS: we have an update on ALL the relationship DRAMA coming in the next season of Teen Mom — you better sit down... [ Bit.ly Link ]
$168 MILLION DIVORCE SETTLEMENT! After 17 years of marriage, she walked away with millions —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Angelina Jolie makes a SHOCKING move with the kids after reaching custody agreement with Brad Pitt, and we can only IMAGINE how he feels about this —> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Obsev Food
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Not just for camping anymore!
WorldWide Honda
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WorldWide Honda
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WorldWide Honda
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~Let Your Light Shine~
2 hours 6 minutes ago. Facebook
Can anyone tell me what "Immanuel" means?
~Let Your Light Shine~
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~Let Your Light Shine~
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~Let Your Light Shine~
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Thy Kingdom Come ....NOW ...amen ?

Now you know!

The gift with the biggest price hike was the cost of two turtledoves ($375), which spiked 29 percent due to a shortage of the birds. Rising wages also drove up prices, with the cost of 11 pipers piping ($2,708) and 12 drummers drumming ($2,934) rising 2.8 percent this year. At $210, a partridge in a pear tree saw the biggest price decline this year. The cost of partridges fell...
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Mixed Nation
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Looking for cool & meaningful holiday gifts? Check out and enjoy 20% OFF (limited time only)! :-) <3 Happy Holidays!
Christian Grey
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How do we look? #FiftyShades