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Greenpeace USA
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Make a gift that goes TWICE AS FAR >>> [ Bit.ly Link ]

From Trump’s anti-climate agenda to his team of oil barons and climate deniers — it’s clear we have some big fights up ahead.

Will you help Greenpeace gear up for 2017? Your donation can be MATCHED dollar-for-dollar to protect our environment and our communities >>> [ Bit.ly Link ]
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What do you think?

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We all cope with stress in our own ways. Share with a friend!
NASA Earth
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Growing Pains: Arctic Sea Ice at Record Lows

Every northern fall and winter, cooling ocean and air temperatures cause the floating cap of Arctic sea ice to grow from its annual minimum extent toward a maximum between February and April. So far in 2016, though, the Arctic Ocean and neighboring seas have been slow to freeze, setting both daily and monthly record lows.

“The October freeze-up...
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Every triumph starts with a try.
Covered California
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Shopping for health insurance? Compare quality, brand-name plans side-by-side, and choose the right coverage for you. [ Bit.ly Link ]
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It’s not too late to get a flu shot! Take time to make sure you and your loved ones are protected from flu this season.
[ Solarsystem.nasa.gov Link ]

Space and Time: In this week's 10 Things blog we feature ways to travel both across the solar system and back in time, with a collection of NASA history sites and timelines. Use these resources to learn the stories and meet the people over the past several decades who dared to open up the final frontier.

1. History of NASA
NASA's history site has links to a...
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Covered California
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Cookies should be eaten in moderation, but they’re hard to resist! What’s your favorite? #NationalCookieDay
Breastfeeding Mama Talk
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Like us over at Breastfeeding Moms Fight Back too!
The fight for our future is EVERYWHERE! The tar sands in Alberta Canada hasn't gotten much attention lately.... but the devastation is still there.... still destroying the Boreal Forests at an alarming rate, still polluting the rivers and air, still sickening every living thing in an around - downstream - and much of our oil/gas in the U.S. still comes from there - SHARE! #keepitintheground...
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How we leave the office on a Friday.

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#BackToTheFuture #Friday #Office
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Congressmen and their staffs protect themselves from ObamaCare's astronomical costs with a special exemption, meanwhile regular Americans like you are left with the bill.

Sign the petition and tell Republicans to end the special ObamaCare exemptions for Congress: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Maryland Terrapins
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Fires Continue to Rage in the Southeast

The Great Smoky Mountains are named for the blue haze that often hangs over the mountains due to volatile chemicals released by pine forests. But in November 2016, the Smokies lived up to their name for a very different reason.

With drought gripping the southeastern U.S., intense and destructive wildfires have raged in North Carolina, Tennessee,...
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