Welcome to Placely!

What is Placely?

Placely is a digital guide that connects short-term rental hosts with their guests by allowing them to add recommendations to a personalized guide for their guests. Whether it's restaurants, bars, public transportation, or attractions, Placely provides guests with a one-stop-shop for all their needs while staying in a new city.

Our Inspiration

Our inspiration for Placely came from a personal experience during a trip to Barcelona, where our Airbnb host took the time to sit down with us and show us on a printed map all their recommendations around the apartment and the city. We realized that many travelers like ourselves would appreciate having this information readily available on their phones, and thus Placely was born.

A Group of friends enjoying dinner together
A image of a 3D phone displaying a map with green and gray map details

Meet the Founders

Alex and Cristian, the co-founders of Placely, are dedicated to providing short-term rental hosts with a valuable tool for enhancing their guests' experiences. By recommending the best local places and hidden gems, Placely enables hosts to save their guests time and guarantee an enjoyable experience at every destination in the city.

Our Goal

While our primary focus is on helping hosts create memorable experiences for their guests, we also recognize the value that a well-crafted guide can bring to both hosts and guests alike. By providing insider information and local recommendations, hosts can help their guests to have a more authentic and enjoyable travel experience, while also benefiting from increased efficiency and positive reviews.

Thank you for choosing Placely.